About Us

GrowFresh Farms is a subsidiary of Sustainable Solutions, founded in 2019. We started our journey from a single rooftop farming project, with a passion to spread our technology and products to the masses. We provide sustainable living solutions such as Hydroponics Farming Kits, hydroponically grown exotic vegetables, and Food-waste Management Kits, etc. At GrowFresh Farms, sustainable farming and environmental preservation are not just our job but a passion that we embrace in our daily lives. We grow our vegetables using a modern technique of farming – Hydroponics. Our produce is farmed without the use of harmful fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, or other artificial growth promoters. Our farms produce some of the freshest, most satisfying, and most lifestyle energizing foods for your family, children, and friends. Our priority is to provide nourishing produce with ever-dependable value for our customers.


We at GrowFresh Farms believe that the advent of knowledge and technology in the 21st century enables humans to find better ways of healthy living. The necessary fundamentals of survival are food, water, fuel, and shelter. The elements of those fundamentals – production, processing, distribution – can be further optimized through localization, increasing proximity to major population centers. Moreover, innovation and technological advances impart an exceptional level of efficiency to several present-day practices, ensuring our society & long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.
To that front, we strongly resolve to grow into a sustainable agricultural and food product provider and partner. It is our mission to ensure year-round supply sufficiency, highest quality produce, affordability of logistical distribution, and protection of the environment and natural resources.


We envision ourselves as a holistic as sustainable business modality, which inspires, encourages, and supports the propagation of healthy consumption, through a portfolio of sustainable hydroponic farming methods, creating enduring value, abundance, and opportunities to all. We dream of the world that thinks and acts consciously – to the delight of human beings, other life forms, and ultimately the Earth.

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